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The field of Communication Arts is broad, focusing and promoting the use of “Digital Literacy.” Art and Design, integrated with Science and technology, yields new ways of knowing, and new ways of thinking.

Digital Communication Arts Department will offer four different focuses from which to choose. When you assess for Digital Communication Arts, you are going to be primarily taking Mr. Greider’s Digital Media Classes. In Digital Media 1-4 you will be focusing on, Aesthetic Art using the Adobe Creative Suite. When using the Adobe Creative Suite you will be focusing on one of the four different tracks. They are: Print and Web Design, Photography, Cinematography and Video Imaging, and Written and Oral Communications.

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Student Artwork

Emma's cup piece the water is suspended

Emma H. C/o 2017 "The Cup" Impossible Photography Project

Katherines wave in the shape of a horse

Katherine G. C/o 2015 "Horse Wave" Impossible Photography Project

savannah's dragon in the volcano

Natalie F. C/o 2016 "Making Lemonade" Symbol Design Project

A moth working out outside in the forest

Maddie D. C/o 2022 "The Moth"

A boar singing his heart out

Lauren W. C/o 2021 "The Singing Boar"